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Privacy Policy


1. The Administrator of Personal Data is BOOOB YESSS PAWEŁ CHRZANOWSKI ul. Derdowskiego 16 05-501 Piaseczno tel. 514 168 727 e-mail address: NIP: 5212691891, REGON: 387406570, managing the Internet Platform and intermediating in concluding contracts between the Seller and the Buyer;

2. Respecting your rights as subjects of personal data (data subjects) and respecting applicable law, in particular the Regulation(EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and in the matter free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (general Data Protection Regulation), hereinafter referred to as the GDPR, the Data Protection Act personal data (hereinafter referred to as the Act) and other relevant provisions on the protection of personal data, we undertake to maintain the security and confidentiality obtained from your personal data. All employees have been properly trained in the field processing of personal data, and our company as the Personal Data Administrator has implemented appropriate safeguards as well as technical and organizational measures for the purpose ensuring the highest level of personal data protection. We have implemented procedures and policies for the protection of personal data in accordance with the GDPR, thanks to which we provide compliance with the law and fairness of data processing processes, as well as enforceability any rights that you have as a data subject. Additionally, in if necessary, we cooperate with the supervisory authority in the territory of the Republic of Poland , i.e. with the President of the Personal Data Protection Office (hereinafter referred to as PUODO).

3.Our company, as the Personal Data Administrator, has appointed the Data Protection Officer, which is Paweł Chrzanowski from the Booob Yesss Paweł Chrzanowski company. Any inquiries, requests, complaints regarding the processing of personal data by our company (Administrator of Personal Data), hereinafter referred to as Reports, should be sent to the following e-mail address of the Personal Data Protection Inspector: or in writing to the address of the Personal Data Administrator, i.e. ul. Derdowskiego 16 05-501 Piaseczno. The content of the Application should be expressly indicated:

a) data of the person or persons to whom the Application relates,

b) the event that is the reason for the Report,

c) present your requests and the legal basis for these requests,

d) indicate the expected way of settling the matter.

4. In our Online Store, we collect the following personal data:

a) name and surname - when placing an Order and creating an Account, you will be asked to provide your name and surname so that we can process the Order and that we have the opportunity to contact you,

b) address of residence - we need it to process orders in the form of shipment the Product ordered by you,

c) telephone number - it happens that we call you to confirm Orders or in the event of unexpected events (such as, for example, the lack of a Product in warehouse), while proposing the most advantageous solution,

d) e-mail address - we send you confirmation of submission via e-mail Orders and we contact you if there is such a need with the implemented Order. If you have become a subscriber to our newsletter, we will also send you commercial information once or twice a month,

e) NIP - We collect the tax identification number from entrepreneurs and persons who request an invoice and have a tax identification number.

5. Providing the data indicated in the preceding point is necessary in the following cases:

● to register you in the database of Buyers or Sellers, which is voluntary; in In such a situation, we store the data you provide in our database to facilitate You, in the future, to conclude purchase and sale contracts via our Store internet,

● to contact us via the contact form available on our website,

● in order to provide the service (subscription) of the newsletter - if you want to be informed about interesting events and commercial offers, you can become a subscriber the newsletter we run; subscription is voluntary and in any case You can unsubscribe from this moment.

6. Our Online Store uses Cookies technology to adjust it functioning to your individual needs. Therefore, you can agree that the data and information entered by you will be remembered, thanks why it will be possible to use them the next time you visit our Store Internet without the need to re-enter them. The owners of other sites will not have access to this data and information. If, on the other hand, you do not agree to personalizing the Store website, we suggest disabling cookies in options of your web browser.

7. Each of you as a person using our Online Store has the option choose whether and to what extent they want to use our services and provide information and personal data to the extent specified in this Privacy Policy.

8. Your personal data is processed by our company as the Data Administrator Personal to implement purchase and sale contracts and any additional services provided to you (i.e. data subjects) and offered in the Store internet. In accordance with the principle of minimization, we only process these categories of data personal that is necessary to achieve the goals referred to in the sentence preceding.

9. We process personal data for the time necessary to achieve the goals listed in the preceding point. Personal data may be processed for a period longer than indicated in the preceding sentence, in the event of such a right or obligation imposed on the Personal Data Administrator results from specific legal provisions or when the service we provide is continuous (e.g. newsletter subscription).

10. The source of the Personal Data processed by the Administrator are the persons whose data concern.

11. Your personal data is not transferred to a third country within the meaning of the law GDPR.

12. We do not disclose any personal data to third parties without the express consent of the person, to whom the data relate. Personal data without the consent of the data subject may be made available only to bodies governed by public law, i.e. authorities and administration (e.g. tax authorities, law enforcement authorities and other authorized entities in generally applicable law). Consent to share data Seller's personal data is necessary for the implementation of the purchase and sale contract concluded via the Online Store.

13. Personal data may be entrusted for processing to entities processing such data for our company as the Personal Data Administrator. In such a situation as We conclude the Personal Data Administrator with the entity that processes the contract entrusting the processing of personal data. The processor is processing entrusted personal data, but only for the purposes, to the extent and for the purposes indicated in the entrustment agreement referred to in the preceding sentence. Without entrusting you personal data for processing, we would not be able to conduct our business in as part of the Online Store or provide you with shipments with the ordered Products. As the Personal Data Administrator, we entrust personal data for processing entities:

a) providing hosting services to the website on which our Store operates internet,

b) providing postal, courier and shipping services for the delivery of parcels from ordered Products,

c) providing other services to us as the Administrator of personal data, which are necessary for the current functioning of the Online Store.

14. Personal data is not subject to profiling by the Personal Data Administrator.

15. In accordance with the provisions of the GDPR, each person whose personal data we process as The Personal Data Administrator has the right to:

a) to be informed about the processing of personal data referred to in art. 12 GDPR - the Administrator is obliged to provide you as data subjects will be processed information specified in the GDPR (including about your data, data contact DPOs, purposes and legal grounds for the processing of personal data, recipients or categories of recipients of personal data, if any, or for the period by which data will be processed or on the criteria for determining this period); this obligation belongs to be fulfilled at the time of data collection (e.g. when submitting by the customer orders in the online store), and if the data is not obtained from the data subject they concern, but from a different source - within a reasonable time, depending on the circumstances; The administrator may refrain from providing this information if the data subject already has them,

b) access to their personal data, as referred to in art. 15 GDPR - by giving us personal data, you have the right to inspect and access them; however, this does not mean that you have the right to access all documents containing your data they appear because they may contain confidential information; however, you have the right to information about your data and for what purpose we process and the right to obtain a copy your personal data, the first copy is issued free of charge, and for each another, in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR, we charge an appropriate administrative fee corresponding to the cost of making a copy,

c) correcting, supplementing, updating, rectifying personal data, o referred to in Art. 16 GDPR - if your personal data has changed, please contact us informing us as the Personal Data Administrator about t this fact to have our data was true and up-to-date; also when there has been no change to the personal data, but for whatever reason, the data is incorrect or incorrectly written (e.g. due to a typing mistake), please inform us in order to correct or rectify such data,

d) deletion of data (the right to be forgotten), referred to in art. 17 GDPR - in other words, you have the right to request the "deletion" of data held by us as Personal Data Administrator and the right to contact us as the Administrator Personal Data so that we inform other administrators to whom we have provided Your data about the need to delete them. You can request the deletion of your data personal data primarily when:

● the purposes for which the personal data have been collected has been achieved, e.g. we have achieved in the entire sales contract concluded with you, ● the basis for the processing of your personal data was only consent, and then has been withdrawn and there are no other legal grounds for further processing of you personal data, e.g. if you unsubscribe from the newsletter and otherwise you no longer use our company's offer,

● you have raised an objection pursuant to Art. 21 GDPR and you believe that we do not have any overriding legal basis for your further processing personal data,

● Your personal data has been processed unlawfully, for purposes inconsistent with the right or without any basis for the processing of personal data – please remember that in this case you must have grounds for your request,

● the need to delete your personal data results from legal provisions,

● personal data relates to a minor and was collected in connection with the provision of services information society, e) restriction of processing referred to in art. 18 GDPR - you can submit a request to our company to limit the processing of your personal data (which would consist in the fact that until the matter is resolved, our company primarily only to keep) if:

● you contest the accuracy of your personal data, or

● you believe that we process your data without a legal basis, but at the same time not you want us to delete this personal data (i.e. you do not use the right, referred to in the preceding letter), or

● you have lodged an objection referred to in point (a) f) of this point, or

● Your personal data is needed to establish, assert or defend claims, eg. against court, f) transfer the data referred to in art. 20 GDPR - you have the right obtain your data in a format that can be read on a computer and the right to transfer the data in such a format to another administrator; this right you are only entitled if the basis for the processing of your data was consent (e.g. to subscribe to a newsletter) or the data was processed in a manner automatic, g) object to the processing of personal data, as referred to in art. 21 GDPR - you have the right to object if you do not agree to our processing of personal data that we have processed so far in legitimate purposes in accordance with the law, h) not to be subject to profiling referred to in art. 22 in connection to art. 4 point 4 of the GDPR - in You will not be subject to automated processing in our Online Store making decisions or profiling within the meaning of the GDPR, unless you expressly consent to it's consent; additionally, we will always inform you about profiling, if it should it takes place, i) lodging a complaint to the supervisory body (i.e. to the President of the Data Protection Office Personal), as referred to in art. 77 GDPR - if you believe that we are processing We unlawfully or breach your personal data in any way rights resulting from generally applicable legal provisions in the field of protection personal data.

16. With regard to the right to delete data (the right to be forgotten), we point out that in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR, you do not have the right to do so entitlements if:

a) the processing of your personal data is necessary to exercise the right to freedom of expression and information, e.g. if you have posted your data on a blog, w comments, etc.,

b) the processing of personal data is necessary for our company to comply with legal obligations resulting from regulations - we cannot delete your data for the period necessary to meet the obligations (e.g. tax obligations) that they impose legal regulations on us,

c) the processing of your data is carried out for the purpose of investigation, determination or defense of claims.

17. If you want to exercise your rights referred to in point previous, please use the appropriate tabs in the Online Store that allow delete your account and the data collected in our online store or please send a message by e-mail to the following e-mail address: or contact the Data Protection Officer, referred to in point. 3 above.

18. Each identified breach of security is documented, and if necessary the occurrence of one of the situations specified in the provisions of the GDPR or the Act, about such breach of the provisions on the protection of personal data, the data subjects are informed they concern, and - if applicable - PUODO. 19. All capitalized words have the meaning assigned to them in our Regulations The online store, unless otherwise stated in this Privacy Policy.

20. In matters not covered by this Privacy Policy, appropriate the relevant provisions of generally applicable law shall apply. In case of non-compliance of the provisions of this Privacy Policy with the above provisions, these rules take precedence.

cookies policy


1. Administrator - BOOOB YESSS PAWEŁ CHRZANOWSKI ul. Derdowskiego 16 05-501 Piaseczno tel. 514 168 727, e-mail address:, NIP: 5212691891, REGON: 387406570, managing the Internet Platform and intermediating in concluding contracts between the Seller and the Buyer;

2. Cookies - IT data, small text files, saved and stored on devices through which the User uses the website Administrator.

3. Device - an electronic device through which the User obtains access to the Administrator's website.

4. User - means the entity for which, in accordance with the Regulations and legal regulations services may be provided electronically or with which the Agreement may be concluded providing services by electronic means.


1. The administrator uses cookies via the website.

2. The information collected on the basis of cookies is used for purposes proper optimization of the website operation, as well as for statistical purposes, and advertising.

3. Cookies record the activity of the website User by recognizing the device, so that the website is displayed in a manner optimized for individual preferences of the User.

4. The solutions used on the website are safe for Users' devices using the Administrator's website. It is not possible to get into devices of dangerous or malicious software Users.

5. The administrator uses two types of cookies:

1. Session cookies: these are files that are stored on the User's device and remain there until the end of the browser session. The saved information is then permanently deleted from the memory of the Device. The session cookies mechanism does not allow retrieving any personal data or any confidential information from the device User.

2. Persistent cookies: they are stored on the User's device and remain there until delete them. Ending the browser session or turning off the Device no causes them to be deleted from the device. The persistent cookies mechanism does not allow retrieving any personal data or any confidential information from the device User.


1. The user has the option to limit or disable the access of cookies to his / her devices. If this option is used, the use of the Website will be possible, except for functions that, by their nature, require cookies.

2. The user may independently and at any time change the file settings Cookies, specifying the conditions for their storage and access by Cookies to the User's device. Changes to the settings referred to above may be made by the User made using the web browser settings or by using the service configuration. These settings can be changed in particular in such a way as to block automatic handling of cookies in the web browser settings or inform about each time Cookies are placed on the device. Specific information on the possibilities and methods of handling cookies is available in the settings software (web browser).

3. The user may at any time delete cookies using the available functions in the web browser it uses. 4. Restricting the use of cookies may affect some functionalities available on the Administrator's website.

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