Maternity clothes

When to go shopping for maternity clothes?

The second trimester of pregnancy is the moment when our body begins to take on a rounder shape, and our pregnancy belly finally becomes visible.

We start to wear clothes that will beautifully emphasize our pregnancy curves, we are bursting with happiness that we want to share with the whole world.

It is also the moment when our current wardrobe no longer fits and we start looking for maternity clothes. As future mothers, we want to look beautiful and fashionable, and of course we want clothes that will be comfortable.

What maternity clothes are most often looking for mothers-to-be?

The Booob Yesss brand is a fashion brand dedicated to pregnant women who are looking for modern and high-quality clothes for this special time.

Each cut of our maternity clothes is designed with pregnancy, puerperium and later stages in mind. That is why you will wear our clothes not only during pregnancy, but at every moment of your life. We sew from natural, high-quality certified materials, thanks to which they will look like new for a long time.

What should you consider when choosing maternity clothes?

Let's start with the size of the maternity clothes.

A common mistake made by pregnant women is to buy oversize or regular clothes but a few sizes larger than before pregnancy. In such clothes, we often look like in the proverbial sack.

When choosing our brand dedicated to this period, always follow your pre-pregnancy size. Our maternity clothes have a special cut that is adapted to women's shapes. If you were wearing size S before pregnancy, then in the 1st & 2nd trimester S pregnancy should be the right choice. It is only in the third trimester, when your baby's growth is at its greatest, that you can consider one size more than before pregnancy.

Are breathable, natural materials another essential element in choosing maternity clothes?

The time of pregnancy is the moment when not only our body changes, but it is also the time when our hormones are going crazy. During pregnancy, their production increases sharply. This madness of hormones (especially progesterone, prolactin and estrogens) causes many unwanted ailments. Excessive sweating or heat flushes are a typical symptom of pregnancy complaints. That is why choosing clothes made of natural, breathable fabrics is such an essential element. It provides us with the comfort we need so much.

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